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 We repair, sell and lease RF and MW test equipment.

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Spectrum Analyzers (3-26.5GHz):

8563E, 8561E, 8562A, 8561A, 8560A, 8593E, 8595E, 8594E, 8591E, E4402B and more

Network Analyzers:

8720C(20GHz), 8753E(6GHz), 8753D(3 and 6 GHz) , 8752C (6GHz), 8752A(3GHz),8753/A/B/C, 85047A, 85046A, 85046B.

Signal Generators:

8673B(26.5GHz), 8673M(18.5GHz), 8672A(18.5GHz), 8673C(18.5GHz), 8665B(6GHz), SMHU-52(4GHz), SMT03(3GHz), SMY02(2GHz), 8780A(3GHz), 8642B(2GHz), 8657B(2GHz), IFR2024(2.4GHz), 8657A(1GHz).

Noise Figure meters: 8970A/B

Power meters: E4418B, 437B, 438A

Power sensors: E4412A, 8481A, 8482A, 8484A